Adsterra Best Advertisement Network Review

This post is very special for those people who have a lot of questions related to Adsterra like what is Adsterra? How much does CPM get? How much money can you earn? Is it easy or difficult to get approval? You can get the answers to these easily, so today we have brought in the Adsterra review.

What is Adsterra?

It was launched in 2013. Adsterra has become the fastest-growing Ad Serving Company in the world of Ad networks in a very short time. According to their report, they serve 25 billion geo-targeted ad impressions every month. This platform is available for Publishers as well as Advertiser.

Recently they launched a program called CPA Affiliate in which you can generate commission by promoting the products given by them. Here you get Websites and Apps like Software, Gaming, VPN, Utility, and Dating to promote.

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Currently, they have 12,000+ Advertisers and 18,000+ Publishers. In this ad network, you do not have to wait for months for approval, your website gets an approval within just 10 minutes.

Adsterra Review

Adsterra is the best alternate for any of your downloading websites. This website gives you high CPM which is better than all Alternate Ads networks, by the way, I am speaking in words from my own experience, maybe some other ad network has been good for you but I got good results on this platform.

If you want to put Adsterra’s Ad Code on your website, then it is also going to be very easy for you. All you have to do is paste that Ad Codes by going to the place of your website where you want to show your Ads.

But after a month when people started coming to my website, I came to know that CPM increases when your daily impression is more than 1k.

In the beginning, you will have some problem but after that, your earning starts increasing gradually. Talking about Earning from Adsterra, you can earn 100$ per month. Apart from this, if you want, you can also use Propeller ads and Pop ads.

Adsterra Approval Requirement

It is also very easy to add it to your website and you have some requirements to add your website to it, you can easily sign up in Adsterra on your new website and get ads shown on that too.

Website Link:

Advantages of Adsterra

Right now I am going to tell you some important benefits related to it, which you should know.

  • Their ads are available for both mobile and desktop.
  • This is a CPM-based ad network, you get revenue according to per 1000 impressions in it.
  • It gives you many different categories of ads such as display banners, pop-under ads, interstitials, text ads, and slider ads.
  • This Ad Network also gives you the option to monetize your Facebook page.
  • You can withdraw on this platform in Bitcoin, Paypal, Wire transfer, Webmoney, and Paxum. In this, the minimum payout is 5$.


There are many other Ad Networks using which you can monetize your websites. You tell me by commenting if you need more such Ads Network. Here you will find 30+ Ad Networks, using which you can easily monetize any of your websites.

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