CollegeDunia Write Review & Earn Paytm Cash

Today, we’ll talk about the CollegeDunia Platform which allows users to read Genuine Reviews of every one of the most prestigious Colleges, Universities & Campus all over the world.

We are the sole ones to review these reviews. CollegeDunia gives everyone the opportunity to earn money by writing reviews. Earn up to 200 rupees by writing university reviews for any college.

Today, I’ll discuss ways to earn money by reviewing the CollegeDunia website.┬áLet’s get started.

How can I write reviews to CollegeDunia?

In order to submit a review for CollegeDunia it is essential to follow a series of procedures in the order listed below:

It is the first thing to do. You pick a college. After that, you’ll go over the colleges.

You must then choose the program. Then, you must complete the program.

Enter your telephone number, confirm it using OTP.

Finally you must complete the sheet of marking or your college ID. If you have it, great even if don’t have Thai then you shouldn’t have a problem.

You’ll then be asked questions about the college programs that you’ll need to be able to.

Once you’ve completed the entire process after which you have to complete the application.

You’ll be notified within three to fifteen business days, if your review was taken into consideration or not.

Website Link: Click Here.


I’m sure you’ve learned the steps to create an online review for CollegeDunia. You can earn Paytm Cash between 50 and 200 rupees per review, however it’s contingent on what you write in your review. The better your score higher, the more cash you’ll earn.

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