How can you earn money by Making Weight Loss Animated Shorts videos on YouTube?

In this article, I will explain to you how this health-fit Hindi YouTube channel earns of the money they earn by uploading only 10 second of YouTube short videos.

I have already explained everything regarding the Health Fit Hindi YouTube channel within my video before, so it’s not a surprise that this is our second segment of our “how to make short weight loss videos made from mobile” subject.

If you haven’t watched the first section, so I’m requesting you to go through the video, and follow this post so you are aware of every step of the process. Through affiliate marketing, you can earn money from the weight loss niche by uploading similar videos to YouTube channels.

How do you create weight loss Animations for Shorts and Videos?

Before you know how to make videos for weight loss, first, let me show you how these animated videos look similar and so I’ll give an example to begin.

As I mentioned, an image screenshot of animated weight loss shots therefore let’s concentrate on the process of creating the kind of video.

Step 1: First step is to visit site or follow the link below. After that, click on the create account option, and then fill in your email address, complete name, and after you have created your account, login to Canva.

Step 2: In the second step, press the “create the design” button. Then, within the menu bar, you need to select”create a design” and then click on the TikTok video option as we’re going to make YouTube short videos. The dimension of YouTube short videos is portrait. Therefore, we can make use of the TikTok feature.

Step 3: Next, on Step 3: On the Google Search Engine type “weight loss exercise for males GIF” and then search for it.¬†Hindi results from a search will see a variety of web pages that you can click on and download the exercise GIF.

Step 4: If you downloaded the exercise, but if you did not then you can put that GIF inside your Canva frame. You are able to zoom in on that GIF and then put the exercise’s animated images in one frame.

Step 5: In the audio section , are a number of copyrighted music for free that you can incorporate into your videos.

How to earn money creating weight loss animate shorts videos on YouTube?

Recently, we’ve shared the secret to how you can make weight loss-related exercise animated videos using Canva. Now upload the videos to your YouTube channel. Then, in the YouTube description box add your affiliate link to the weight-loss products you use.

Website link:

You can make use of ClickBank, digistore24, Flipkart as well as Amazon affiliate marketing programs If you upload videos that are related to losing weight, then add weight loss-related products to this affiliate program, and then include the link in your video’s description.


Dear friends, this is an incredible technique for 2022 to make money with YouTube short videos. I hope you’ve learned how to make short videos to lose weight on YouTube and how to make money from this technique.

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