How can you earn money by selling eBooks using affiliate marketing?

Hello, in this post I’m going to share an amazing method of ways to earn money with eBooks. In addition, we won’t create eBooks all by ourselves. All content will be created and we’ll earn money from eBooks by using the affiliate marketing programs.

Are you willing to give this a go? I’m sure this will go to the next level because this Ebook and Affiliate Marketing method is completely new and therefore, without wasting time, let’s begin with our post.

How can you earn money by selling eBooks using affiliate marketing?

Freinds. I’ve informed you that we were planning to make a few ebooks to help us generate affiliate sales. I know you’re not an expert and aren’t sure how to make an ebook, so don’t be worried to read the entire article.

Step 1: Join Any Affiliate Marketing Program

So, guys, I’m going to utilize the ClickBank Affiliate Marketing Program You can also make use of any other affiliate programs such as Digistore24 and others.

Now visit this Clickbank website, which is provided below. If you already have had an account with ClickBank then click the sign-in link and do log in to your account’s dashboard.

Then, in the category section Select”Home & Furniture” as the “Home & Furniture” option since we’re going to do affiliate marketing in connection with home & Furniture guidelines. After selecting one, click on the affiliate page link.

There are a variety of Options select the PDF of the product option. In the affiliate ID field type in the Clickbank Affiliate ID. After that, you do not have to do any more modifications, they are automatically adding your affiliate link to that PDF. Then, click on the Download button.

Convert your eBook into PDF format. You are able to do this by clicking the link below.

Step 2: Promote eBook on Lulu

Now, the question is: how do we make the ebook to get more people to read it. The answer is on the Lulu website. The website is a UK located in the UK and boasts more than 1Million+ High Tier Countries and this website is dedicated to publishing ebooks.

The first visit to the website, then click the button to upload your eBook and after that, click on the register option. Enter your complete details and begin uploading your eBook here for free.

If you publish your ebook via the Lulu platform, it is likely to increase your sales due to the fact that Lulu’s Lulu website has an enormous number of customers, so don’t fret and just be patient.


I hope that this article can aid you in making cash online with eBooks using the affiliate program. This strategy is completely unique and unique therefore do please share this article.

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