How can you earn money through ClassifiedAds?

The article by Freinds was specific for any novice affiliate marketer. You already know the reason why? Because today I’m going discuss a Platform which allows you to market unlimitless affiliate products at no cost.

Furthermore, the platform hosts millions of users who come mostly from High Tier Countries. The majority of traffic is from the USA and UK which means you can expect fast sales.

What is ClassifiedAds?

Classifiedsads is a platform for people to post advertisements. Classified ads are an aspect of marketing in which the products or services offered by a business are promoted. The most effective example of this is in newspapers and magazines ads for cars, mobiles college, homes, and more. are done. The magazine and the advertisements that appears in the newspaper is known in the field of Offline Promotion.

To advertise online any type of service or company, there is a website called classified Submission that is where advertisements for their products are posted by selecting the appropriate category and location.

How can you earn money through ClassifiedAds?

If you aren’t sure how to make money using ClassifiedAds, then don’t worry. I have a solution for this. The solution to this is Affiliate Marketing. It’s absolutely true.

Website Link:

The first step is to visit ClassifiedAds official website. The URL is provided below. Click on the sign up button, fill in your personal details , then click submit.

Now, open the affiliate platform you are using currently the one I use is Digistore24 Choose a item we’re primarily focussing on Health and Fitness related products.

Website Link:

Select an affiliate product, and then go back the ClassifiedAds website. Click on post ads, then select one of the categories and within the Tittle section type in the Affiliate Product Tittle and in the description add a description of the product, then in the description, include the affiliate link.


This is an overview of where you can advertise affiliate products for no cost. This is an Amazing platform, so don’t fret and just be patient and you will certainly make some sales.

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