How can you make money from Lumen5?

Today, my friends, i will share a great trick if uploading news videos to Youtube to grow your channel in one month. As we all know, Ukraine News is the most popular news worldwide. We are targeting this news along with a few other news.

What’s Lumen5?

Lumen5 turns blog posts into video and can be used to create social videos. Lumen5 is an AI-ready platform that will help you create whole videos for Youtube or other social media platforms.

This is a quick video I created from Small Business Trends posts while reviewing the product.

How can you make money from Lumen5?

Therefore, friends should first go to Google search to find some news articles about Ukraine. Then copy the entire text and create news.

You will need to go to Lumen5 website, create an account and fill out the signup form. Next, you’ll choose a template and then copy and paste your news text that we just copied from our news website.

Website Link:

Note: To begin creating your video, you will be asked to link to a news article/blog post. The platform’s AI system converts your post into video automatically.

Here’s where you begin. You will need to enter the link of the news story or post that you wish to make a video from.

Lumen5 will automatically select blog content and place it onto the board. Then, you can choose the content that you wish to appear in your video.

For Thumbnails Website Link:

After you have summarized and added the text that you want to feature, you’ll be asked to drag-and-drop media from the Library and create a background image. You can add your watermark, logo and call-to-action.

Click on the “A” icon and select important keywords. It is possible to break up lengthy sentences. Click on the area you wish to split, and then press Enter. After you’ve edited your video click on Save at the top right corner. You can add music to your video from the sidebar.


Lumen5 allows businesses, marketers, and brands to easily create video at scale. It is easy to create a video. The rendering process can take a few moments.

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