How Do You Get Your First Affiliate Sales without investing money?

Dear readers, welcome to our most recent articles in which I will show you how to create affiliate sales for the first time, without having to invest any money. This technique will increase your affiliate marketing sales at no cost within 24 hours, so make sure to take the time to read this article thoroughly.

I’m not certain, but I can affirm that following this article, you will be able to make your first affiliate sales in only a couple of hours.

How Do You Get Your First Affiliate Sales without investing money?

Before we begin this article, we’re going to go through three fundamental steps that can aid us in making the first sale. The steps listed below are extremely beneficial for affiliate marketers, so keep in mind that these three methods can be Magical Steps for you.

Step 1: Product Selection

The first thing you must do is locate your first affiliate product. You can pick any product that you require, but only to increase sales.

I would suggest you select a healthy and safe affiliate marketing product since these are products is easily purchased which makes it simple to promote the product using little Time.

It is important to note that you can select any affiliate marketing system such as Amazon, Digistore24 or etc but I’m using Clickbank since Clickbank is more advantageous than other affiliate marketing platforms.

In step one, I selected a weight-loss product that has more conversations, and I’m going to advertise this product.

Step 2: Write Content for the Article

We’ll make this step 2. Many affiliate products do not have a description of useful information about their product. That’s the reason we’ll create one article format content.

For this method, we’ll make use of the EzineArticles platform. Design articles are among the top article platforms on which you can find an article on your niche.

As I mentioned earlier that I picked weight loss-related products that are available on the Ezinearticles website, I am now going to the keyword weight loss and India results for search results on articles. I’ll select one article.

Step 3: Promote your affiliate Link

Before moving on to step 3, you must first locate the affiliate link to your product. Since it is a link, we’re going to put it in the content of your article.

After clicking on the promote button on the next pop-up, you will be able to see an option called the “Generate Hoplinks” option after selecting that option, your affiliate link to the product will be generated, which you can use any place to promote the product in question.

How to promote Affiliate Products to increase sales – (High traffic source)

We have already finished all three steps. for the moment, the most important next step is to advertise our affiliate marketing product by using a massive traffic platform. For this, we will make use of the website.

Ello is a platform for sharing knowledge websites that let users write their own articles and share their information with others. In essence, Ello is a free article submission site. This site is a huge traffic source which makes it an important source for us to advertise our affiliate product.

Important: Now publish the Ezinearticles Articles on Ello and include your Affiliate Product’s link. Don’t forget to highlight the text.


I’m sure this method will help you create your first affiliate sales. If this strategy does not work for you to earn sales within 24 hours, then take a couple of hours as I am sure that it’s a time-consuming business.

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