How do you make passive income On the Internet Without a Website?

Friends, this was a much-anticipated article on this website. Since a lot of teenagers were searching for a passive income source, however as we are aware, the internet is the largest center in terms of Knowledge & websites so there are many Legit websites and also Fake websites Too.

What exactly is Goodreads?

Goodreads is a USA Based website that has more than 100 million-plus monthly visits, which can be useful for us to promote our website and Affiliate Products for free. The site has more than 60% of traffic generated by Google Searches and also the majority of the traffic is coming originated from High Tier Countries which is why we’re planning to increase engagement via this site.

How do you earn money with Affiliate Marketing?

For the first time, when promoting affiliate products pick the most effective Affiliate Marketing Programme. To accomplish this, I’m making use of the Clickbank & Digistore24 Platform.

In your platform, select the your top Affiliate Products such as you can advertise digital Products such as eBooks and Heath & Fitness associated products.

Be sure to select the Affiliate Product that provides you with commission greater than 75%, meaning that in just one sale, you’ll earn exceed $100.

Once you have selected the product you want to promote, simply go to or download the Information Page. Make sure you copy all the details of the Affiliate product so that people have more confidence in the product.

Then, go to the website, click on Signup and sign up for an account using Gmail.

As of now, I’m in the Menu Section There are a lot of ways to advertise your products. First, you must like the Community Menu and then join Few Groups on the Goodreads website.

The menu in the community section will see a variety of options. We will make use of Groups, Write Content Discussion Options.

Then, after that, you can add the details of your product such as Product Title and description of the product, then add it to the category of your subject. Don’t forget to include a photo of your affiliate product. simply post the link on Goodreads.

Be sure to join those groups that are related to your Affiliate niche. This method can assist you to generate more sales.


I’m sure that by reading this article, you’ll increase your sales from affiliates as Goodreads is one of the top websites to promote your Website, Content, or any other affiliate product for no cost. Additionally, you can gain high engagement from Goodreads on your social media.

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