How Earn Money from YouTube Without Uploading Facecam Videos?

Hello, Today in this article I am going to share with you an amazing trick that can help you to earn money through YouTube without uploading your voice or facecam videos.

Shubh 4 sharing that track a first let me tell you that you need to create a YouTube channel related to music like study music channel.

How Earn Money from YouTube Without Uploading Facecam Videos?

Friends if you search on YouTube about study music you will find a lot of videos where many people do live streaming of study music-related videos like more than 10 hours live streams available on youtube and many peoples love to watch that videos.

So all you need to do is first create your YouTube channel related to study music and keep uploading study music videos there now thinking about how could we create study music videos so let me share a trick.

The first website name is uppbeat where you could get many kind of study music that you can easily download onto your desktop. And understand that uppbeat provide you monthly 10 free music download so you can only download 10 music files.

Free StudyMusic Website Link:

There is also and another music website where you could get free stock music, that website’s name is Mixkit this is an amazing website where you could get study-related music for free.

Free StudyMusic Website Link:

Now the most important step is about a video where could you find these videos so I will suggest you visit at pixel website and click on the video section and search nature and you will find a lot of nature-related videos you could download those videos into your desktop.

Free Videos Website:

Now you need to edit this into your PC you can use any kind of video editor, so fast download 4, 5 nature-related videos from pixel website and then export those videos into your video editor and put study-related music which we download earlier and make sure that your video length should be more than 1 hour.

Because if you upload more than one-hour videos on YouTube you are China will get easily monetized is like your watch time will increase in fewer videos.

So after doing all this procedure upload those videos on YouTube and make sure that before uploading videos you are going to generate tags for your YouTube videos which could help you to rank your video fast on YouTube.

Tags Genrator Website:

To generate tags for YouTube you can use rapidtags the website which is an amazing website for generating tax for your YouTube videos.


Friends, I hope this article was useful for you because after following all the procedures you can really awesome money from YouTube without uploading your own videos.

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