How to Earn Money by Copy-Paste Method on website?

This article will show you how to make more than $500 per month by copy-paste article writing. Although I’ve written many articles on copy-paste work in the past, this article will give you additional information.

This strategy can be done if you have 20-30 minutes each day. Today, I will share an article writing website that allows you to publish your article.

What is, a website that allows people to post their thoughts and articles, is American-based.

How to Make Money from

To make money with, there are three simple steps. We will use 3 websites to help us earn $500 monthly.

Step 1: Visit the official Website of The Link is provided below.

Step 2: Next, click on the Sign-Up button. Enter your email address and Credentials. Then register on the List.

Step 3: You can now publish your articles on the website for no cost. Now it is time to publish Copy-Paste articles.

Step 4: Next, visit the Ezinearticles site to find the article. This website is the hub of the article. Select Health & Fitness in the Category section to find articles.

Step 5: Copy the Title from Ezinearticles and paste it in the title section. Next, copy Content and paste it in the description area.

Note: Your Amazon Affiliate Program link can be directly added to the article.

Step 6: Add some images and paragraphs to the article. Finally, add your affiliate link.


This is how I hope you guys can make a lot of money. If you get 2-3 sales per month, then you will be earning more than $200-300 using the website.

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