How to Earn Money from Bagtol website?

Friends if you are reading this article then I am telling you that please read this article completely because the topic I choose for today’s article you have never seen before on YouTube or on any platform.

The trick today I am going to share with you is and very amazing because you can earn money through 5 different ways with a single website. And on this platform, you will get 5 rupees to 10 rupees for publishing one single post.

Guys, please don’t skip this article because if you have an Android phone then it’s ok because for implementing this trick with just need a smartphone with active internet.

What is Bagtol website?

So friends the website name is, On this website, you are getting five different ways to earn money online by simply publishing posts. And the best thing about this website is after getting sign-up on this website you will instantly get 10 rupees Paytm Cash into your Paytm account.

So simply click on the link which we have given below or visit the official website at then click on the sign-up button and do sign up through your Google account.

Then they will tell you to generate one protective password so simply generate one password which you can remember easily and this is necessary because when you will go to login in to this website you should enter your email address and password.

In the next section, they will ask you about your gender, age, state So does enter that and click on submit button. And please enter your number which you have linked with your Paytm because if you enter a different number and your Paytm number was another number then you will not get paid through your Paytm.

How to Earn Money from Bagtol website?

Let’s talk about the 5 different ways which can help you to earn use money from, show the first way to earn money from bag is spin and will there you will see one spin and wheel, here you will get daily 7 free spin option which can help you to earn some money.

And the second way to earn money from is alpha and earn through this you can get rupees 5 for peripheral by inviting your friend if your friend joined this website through your referral link you will get 5 rupees and your friend will get 10 rupees.

Website Link:

Then the next step to earn money is a quiz there you will ask 7 simple questions and you will get four options of that question so you can simply answer that questions and earn money.

No friends you can also earn money by playing some games through this website, and another option is to post and earn through this website you can post a few articles and you can get paid for rupees 5 to 10 rupees for every single post.


So friends I hope you loved this article because this website is very genuine and it can you earn real money into your Paytm wallet. I understand that you are not earning that much money but guess you could earn a little bit like some of your pocket money.

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