How to Earn Money from eBooks through Upload4ever?

Friends Today in this amazing tutorial we are going to learn About how to Earn Money by uploading ebooks on the website, This is the latest trick for making money through eBooks so are you excited.

Nowadays no one wants to read books because today’s Era was so advanced so everyone was reading ebooks and we are going to apply this method for making money, do you know how? Don’t worry just read this article carefully.

What is Upload4ever?

Upload4ever is a PPT website where if you upload any documents such as eBooks, PDF, Docs, Text, or any File then for every 1000 Successful Downloads you can earn up to $5 and it depends on the quality of traffic and its countries.

Website Link:

If you are living in the USA, UK then you will get $5 for every 1000 downloads but if you’re living in India or Tier 4 countries then you will $3 for 1000 downloads.

How to Earn Money from eBooks through Upload4ever?

Now the question is what kind of eBooks should be uploaded on Upload4ever and from where we will get high tier countries traffic or downloads on Upload4ever website well follow all steps which are given below.

Step 1: Digistore24

The first step is a visit to Digistore24 official website which link is given below, then click on the search option and search for Recipies there you will get to see Many results but you have to only choose those products that provide Ebooks and PDF then you have to download that ebook in PDF format.

Website Link:

Step 2: Upload4ever

Now open the Upload4ever official website which direct link is given below then login to your account and The recently downloaded recipe ebook you have to upload on the Upload4ever website.

Website Link:

After uploading you will get a downloadable link to that ebook, you can copy this link on a notepad.

Step 3: Quora

Now open quora which direct link is also given below then you have to search Recipe related Queries at Quora’s Search Box after that give answers to those questions or you may post a direct article.

Website Link:

Now the question is how to Post an article, so just copy a few paragraphs from that Recipe ebook and paste it on Quora and add 1 or 2 images related to that recipe and add your Upload4ever downloadable link in that article and just publish it on Quora.


Now if you get daily 1000 views on your quora post then it means that you will get daily 1000 downloads on the Upload4ever website so your daily earning will be more than $5 by uploading these ebooks.

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