How to Earn Money from IPL Voting Wishing Website?

Friends now IPL is coming and from this, we can earn money, do you know how? Through Wishing Scripts. Whenever any festival comes many bloggers start the WhatsApp Viral Wishing Scripts website. Now the question coming to your mind is how can we earn money from this kind of Wishing Scripts Website. So don’t worry just read the whole article.

What is Wishing Scripts?

In India, We celebrate every Festival, and after starting a Wishing Script website it is so easy to make them viral through WhatsApp. Now IPL is Coming and this is the best time to start an IPL Voting Script through this Cricket game your website will become so viral and If it has a good amount of traffic you can earn money from it.

How to Create an IPL Voting Script Website?

Step 1: Firstly open your browser and Search for Blogger or website direct link is given below. After Visiting Blogger on the home page you will get to see Create a Blog button, click on it, and sign-up through your Gmail I’d.

Website Link:

Step 2: Enter your Blog Name, for example, you can use a name like “IPL Voting 2022” and click on the Next button. Then in the address, you have to choose your blog URL, for example, I am using “IPLVoting2022” then click on create a Blog button.

Step 3: Now I Am Sharing this Script Download Link below. You have to download it and then go to your Blogger dashboard and click on the themes option then choose Simple Theme and then select desktop mode as shown in our YouTube video.

Download IPL Voting Script: Click Here

Step 4: Now click on the Edit Template option and paste your IPL Wishing Script here and click on save changes. Then click on the visit Blog button and in the next tab your website will be shown.

How to Earn Money from IPL Voting Script?

Friends by placing advertisements on the IPL Voting Script Website we can earn money. Google AdSense is best but for now, we can also use the Alternative Advertisement website. For now, I am using affilist advertisement network, for this, you have to visit their official website and then signup through your Gmail.

Website Link 1:
Website Link 2:
Website Link 3:
Website Link 4:

So click on Create Ad Unit button and select advertisement banner size and then click on Create Banner Button now copy the Ad Code and Save it on your Notepad.

IPL Voting Script: Download Click Here

Now you can paste this ad code at your blogger website, don’t know how? Again visit your blogger dashboard then click on the edit theme option and press the CTRL + F button and then search for “Ad Code” and then start pasting your Advertisement code which we recently copied.


Friends this trick is best for you Because IPL is Big Cricket season in India and you can also make money from it. Recently I hired one developer to create this Script for my subscribers and I paid him 500 Rupees so you can start your IPL Voting Script Website.

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