How to earn money from Pocket FM?

Hello there, friends. In this article, I’ll show you how to earn more than a lakh every month by creating your own stories. Do you know that you can write about your first love, your first crush, or anything else and make money from it?

What is Pocket FM?

Pocket FM is an audiobook app that tells stories. It has thousands of stories to listen to as well as novels to read. You can listen to novels from a variety of genres in this audiobook, including Romantic, Horror, Thriller, and Personality Development.

How to earn money from Pocket FM?

The “Writer Benefit Program” has been launched by Pocket FM. You may make money by using your writing skills using this application. You can also pursue a writing career.

According to this program, you can make up to ten lakh rupees every year. You have an opportunity here to pursue your passion for writing to new heights. You can also build a strong fan base through your writing.

Download App: PocketFM App Link

Step 1: Get the PocketFM App from the Google Play Store or use the direct download link below. Then It’s simple to create an account; first, go to this page and enter your phone number. You must choose your name, email address, and language.

Step 2: Your “Writing Dashboard” will appear next. You will enter the title of your story/novel on this screen. You can modify the title afterward if it doesn’t fit your story. Click the “Create Novel & Go To First Chapter” button after typing “Title.”

Step 3: At this point, you can begin writing your story’s first chapter. Only on this screen should you compose your entire story, chapter after chapter. First and foremost, you must give your Chapter Title, and then you must begin writing. It’s also possible to copy and paste it.

If the review goes well, he’ll broadcast the story on Pocket FM. Your first tale will go live, and you will earn $5000 from it. Your first step will be accomplished in this manner.


You must take advantage of this opportunity if you have a passion for writing stories. You can begin it on a part-time basis. You may make it a full-time job as your following grows and your tale is monetized.

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