How to earn money from Redbubble?

If you are a designer and tired of designing for people, Redbubble, a Print On Demand Company, can help.

Many logo designers make a living freelancing. However, in this day and age, the competition for freelancing sites has increased, it is important to be able to defeat them.

Redbubble: What does it mean?

Redbubble, a Print on Demand company, sells Art Designs on various types of items on the orders from the customers. A percentage of the sale price is paid to the Art Maker and the designer.

Accurate Percent is the percentage you can earn on every purchase. It ranges from 10% to 30%.

Redbubble’s most significant feature is its free membership. You won’t have to pay even a rupee for it. It is an amazing platform that I have used myself. I think it is the best out of all the Print On Demand companies.

Once you have earned 20 dollars, your income will be sent to the same Redbubble payment method that is sent directly to PayPal or Bank Account. You should not worry about it being a fake company. You don’t have to spend a rupee here, all you need to do is give a few minutes of your time.

Redbubble: How can you make money?

Redbubble will teach you how to upload your artwork. However, I can show you some things via image.

How do I upload my artwork?

After creating an account, there will be a circle on the right side. If you have attached an image during joining, it will be displayed in that spot. Click on it to open a popup in its right side. Next, click on “Add New Work”. A new page will then be presented in front of your eyes. The option to “Upload to All Product” will appear on one side and “Copy Setting from Existing Work” the other.

Click on the left side to upload a new design. If you wish to modify existing art, click on it on the right.


Let me end by saying that no job is easy. It will take you time, and you will make money on Redbubble if you have good artwork. No one can stop.

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