How to Earn Money from URL Shortner Website in India?

Today, I’ve brought five Most Trusted and Best URL Shorteners to you, through which I myself made more than $5000 These five URL Shorteners have been on the market for a number of years. In my own experience, I have been on these websites five URL Shorteners, and I am able to say that this site is a genuine website, and I’m going to share with you about today.

1. URLShortx: Our first site is called URLShortx. It is a great website and 100 100% Trusted. You earn five dollars in India for every 1000 clicks. In addition, if you refer someone else to the site, you will earn 20 percent. On this site you have the option to pay each seven days, meaning that you can pay within one week.

2. The second site we have is This website is also extremely good and 100% trusted. On this site, you receive $3.50 for India for every 1000 clicks. Also, you earn 20% referral income. One of the great things about this site is that you receive daily payments on this website. The minimum payout amount is just $5. You are able to withdraw your money at any time after $5 has been attained.

4. The next website we have is This website is where you will be offered at a CPM cost of $2.4 per 1000 clicks, for all countries. The website doesn’t have any captcha. You also get an interest rate of 20. You are able to withdraw your cash from Paytm when there is $2. On the 21st day of each month, this site gives you cash.

5. The next website we have is This website is an excellent website. You can get the CPM cost of $1. there is only one page. It does not have a captcha. This means that you earn a 10% referral fee. The best part about this site is that you can get paid when you earn $1 in the account and receive daily payments.


These are our top five websites that allow you to earn up to $500 per month by working. This is an excellent and authentic website. I personally have made up to 500 dollars each month working for them and making. I want to inform you to be aware that by working on these websites, you can reap many benefits from this site.

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