How to Earn Money through Form Filling Work?

Hello Friends in this article we will talk about how to earn money through Form Filling Work in India, nowadays many fraud forms filling websites are present on the Internet that why in this we are telling you the best 3 Websites.

Friends before working on this website, let me tell you that some website pays you ₹500 for form filling and some website pays you ₹100 to ₹400 so let’s start the article.

How to Earn Money through Form Filling Work?

So Friends in this Form Filling work you have to write reviews on collages. Like Few Websites are present on the Internet which pays you some amount for writing Review on Collages.

1. CollegeHelp

Nowadays CollegeHelp is one of the best websites, If you write a review or details about your college and if your review gets approved on the CollegeHelp website then believe me for every successful review this website pays you ₹500 and this is such a big amount.

Website Link:

Collegehelp is an Indian website where you can withdraw your amount into your Paytm Account, and you will receive this amount in your wallet within 48 hours of Approval.

2. VidyaVision

VidyaVision is one of the oldest and best websites ever, I already published a dedicated video on VidyaVision. So From VidyaVission, you can earn money up to ₹100 per successful approved review. Also, make sure to write a genuine review about colleges.

Website Link:

3. CollegeDunia

CollegeDunia is also one of the finest websites for writing a review of collage if your review is approved by the CollegeDunia team then you can get ₹100 for per review. Also, keep in mind that CollegeDunia is one of the biggest websites so you need to write reviews on your own to get fast approval on the website.

Website Link:

Note: You can use the Spinbot website to rewrite Reviews of colleges on this website. If your review is good and all information mentioned in your review is real and genuine then this website will definitely Approve your review.


I Hope friends through this article you can earn daily more than 500 Rupees. Make sure to write a good review and right enough information about that college so your review will get approval and then you can start your earning money.

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