How to get a job on Relevel? – Best Partime Job For Students

After Corona in India, all the people are worried about how to get a job, for this I am going to tell about a new website (relevel by unacademy) from where you can get jobs easily.

Because the biggest thing that has happened nowadays is that it is very easy for you to get a job, unacademy has brought relevel job website, many companies on that website which work at the top level in India and this website is connected to all these companies. A new platform has been created which is named

You will find this company on google search, to get this company when you write railway, you do not get it, you will get it easily on google’s first rank by writing relevel by unacademy and you can apply there.

How to get job on relevel by unacademy?

The process of interview of the railway is very easy, on this you will not be asked any other question, you will be asked all the questions online on this website, the question will not be too big, it will also be related to your experience, which you apply. While doing it will be del. Secondly, in all the interviews, you will only have to talk and you will have questions related to your skill, you can also answer them according to your experience. Which is a very easy process. And you will have to go through the four processes given below, after which you can get the job. We are giving information in the relevel by unacadmey interview process.

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1. Prove your Aptitude

You have to show your skill and give some resume here and you will have to send some project according to your skill while applying so that it can be known that there is any skill in it. And this process of yours has to be completed within 15 days, for which it becomes very important for you that you have to give any one such details so that the relevel can be confident that you really have that skill.

2. Know your industry

When you apply, you have to tell about your industry, in which field you want to work or according to which field your skill is in, you can choose your industry.

3. Test your confident

Your confident test will be whether you are really fit in this field and you deserve this, how much grade or salary you will have to pay, you will have to give the test of all this in the form of a test online and you give that test as soon as you can. Your ranking will be setup, after that if you are not able to score correctly in the test then you can give the test again.

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4. Make your pitch

The way you talk to him will be a test of how well you can talk to the people in front of you and how well you can tell them about yourself. There will also be a test of your body look etc., according to which you will get a rating.

5. Face the interview

In the new and last, you will be interviewed, in which only questions related to your industry will be asked, which is very easy because you have a lot of information about your industry, only those questions will be asked. I always see on google that people are searching most of the time that many people are searching relevel by unacademic interview question.

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