How to Promote Affiliate Products on PDFSlide? – Earn Money by Uploading PDF

Freinds after Lockdown many people’s doing work from home, and Affiliate Marketing is the best source of way to generate Huge Income in less time without doing any hard work.

As I know Affiliate Marketing industry was growing very fast. Every individual blogger and Youtuber’s Second earning source are Affiliate Marketing, not just Bloggers but Digital Marketors also ruling this industry very Nicely.

Why should we Choose Affiliate Marketing?

A lot of ways available on the internet which can help you earn money through affiliate marketing, many ways of them are paid like people’s used to run Paid Campaigns on advertisement networks like Google AdWords and Facebook Ads to promote their affiliate products with a large number of Audience.

In India, an affiliate marketing program just arrived, because every Indian thinks that getting sales on their affiliate product was much more difficult than doing An offline job at 6-8 Working hours daily on Private sector offices.

But nowadays Competition of affiliate marketing was increased because people may understand the Strategies and Tricks to promote products and Generate revenue from affiliate marketing.

How Promote Products on PDFSlide?

If you’re totally aware of the PDFSlide website then let me share a little bit of information about this website. The main reason to promote your affiliate products on this website is PDFSlide has 1.5 Million monthly users traffic and most of the traffic is coming from High Tier Countries.

As you understand from the name of this website that PDFSlide which means this website is related to PDF. In short, you can upload PDF into the PDFSlide website for free and your pdf can reach 1.5 Million audiences who come from different countries.

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How to Earn Money from Affiliate Marketing?

If you’re also one of them who are looking forward to earning money from affiliate marketing in simple steps then don’t worry because you will get to Learn all Statics of Affiliate Marketing in a single article.

Some Affiliate Marketing platforms such as Amazon, Flipkart, and Clickbank were leading this Industry at a very large number.

Simply follow the all steps given below, and start making money from affiliate marketing in Smart Ways.

Step 1: Visit on ClickBank

The first visit at the official website of ClickBank, then in navigation menu click on Sign-up button and then Fill your basic information and Create your Account successfully on Clickbank

Website Link:

Step 2: Find Health Realted Products

Now after login into your Clickbank account in the dashboard just scroll down and there you will find Heath and Fitness-related Category just click on it and start to find the best products related to health.

Note: while choosing health-related products make sure to only choose those that provide Additional PDFs of that affiliate product. So people can understand more information about that product and believe me this can help you to generate more sales.

Step 3: Place Affiliate Link on Ebook/PDF

Now the most important thing is to place that particular affiliate Product link into that PDF, make sure to add links to appropriate places so everyone can easily find it, and also they will be get attracted to click on the link.

To edit or modify PDF you can use any online PDF editor, for best results you should try to edit your pdf in a safe way.

After adding all affiliate product links into that PDF, just click on save pdf and you can download that PDF into your computer drive.

Step 4: Promote Products on PDFSlide

As Earlier I mentioned that is the best platform to publish your PDF with a large number of Audiences, I know this audience Target audience because they just wanted Pdfs.

So to upload your pdf on the website first complete your registration on it and then click on the Dashboard menu and there you will find the Upload File section. Just choose your pdf which you downloaded earlier and upload them into PDFSlide.

Website Link:

When you successfully upload that PDF then will ask to write That PDF Name, Category, and Tags. In the PDF name section write Something attractive about your Affiliate Product which links recently you placed on the PDF.

In the Category section, make sure to choose the correct category. Because if you’re promoting Heath Related affiliate product and you were choosing a Different Category then your PDF and Affiliate Product can’t reach with Target Audience.

There are many alternative websites available on the internet, in working on 3-4 websites. You can also try to work on these websites.


So Freinds I Hope You will get all the information regarding how to promote affiliate products in Smart Way. It takes a lot of time to write a detailed article like this so please share this article with your friends.

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