How to start Movie Explanation YouTube Channel in 2021?

Friends nowadays Movie Explanation YouTube Channel was growing rapidly in the whole world. everyone was watching this kind of content on YouTube. So if you’re interested to start such kind of YouTube channel then read this article.

I know you are so queries to Learn about how to start Movie Explanation Channel without Copyright Strike on Youtube, don’t worry I will tell you everything in dept so just follow all steps which I am going to share with you.

How to start Movie Explanation YouTube Channel?

Before knowing about how to start Movie Explanation Channel first see that how movie Explanation Channel is useful for you.

We all know the Entertainment industry is huge, and Everyone loves to watch Movies and Web series so Why not start a Movie Explanation YouTube Channel it is a great opportunity for all of us because the competition in this Category was very less, so be the first one and rule this Movie Explanation Industry.

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Step 1: Find Content

Now moving forward that how can you start Movie Explanation YouTube, so First Find out any Movie Explanation on YouTube, I always admire you to create Movie Explanation videos on interesting movies so people will be more curious to watch your video.

Step 2: Choose Creative Common video

Now click on the filter option and then choose the Creative Common section so every video you will see was completely Copyright Free.

The benefit of taking a Creative Common license video is that no one gives you any copyright strick, which means your YouTube channel was totally Safe.

Step 3: Download YouTube Video

After selecting the right video, now you need to download that YouTube video so we will be going to use any YouTube Video Downloader Tool Like I always use To download Youtube videos in High Resolution.

Now paste that YouTube video link and select the Resolution version which you want to download, I recommend you to download videos in 720p or 1080p so people can Regularly visit your YouTube channel.

Step 4: Give Your Voiceover

The most important step is here, After downloading that video Successfully on your Computer, use any video editor to edit that video.

So import your video into video editing software I’m using filmora you can use any alternative Video editing software. Now give the Explanation of that movie in 5-7 minutes so it will be more interesting to you viewers.

Always try to grab the attention of your viewers, try to give accurate Explanations of that movie, be connected with your audience and make sure while recording audio use the good quality mic.

After adding your Voiceover into that video, now edit that video and make it a little fun or Interesting, and after that export it or save that video on your computer.

Step 5: Upload Video On YouTube

Now the final step is to upload that video on your YouTube channel. After uploading the video give the best Tittle and Add Good Tags so it can help your video to rank fast on YouTube.

To generate Good Tags you can use any software, on the internet many tools are available which can generate high-quality tags for your YouTube video in a few seconds.


So guys these were the steps that can help to start your Movie Explanation YouTube channel. It takes time to grow your channel so be patient and start uploading videos regularly on your YouTube channel.

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