Is Legit or Scam?

In this article I’m going to give you an in-depth information or thorough review of an online site. Recently, many famous YouTubers made a video dedicated to this site.

A lot of students are looking on the web for online jobs and is a job site for copy paste where you can complete this job or do it from home.

When you visit this website, will you see clearly that registration is free of fees, however when you go the registration page, they must request you to pay 180 rupees for security.

Let’s discuss how we can earn money on the website. After an effective registration, you’ll receive a daily 100 copy paste tasks . When you’re finished with a copy paste job, you’ll receive $0.20 for each task.

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Additionally, the owner of this site is saying that they will provide you premium support in the event that you are a member of this website, they claim that you will receive a daily payment of $5.

But before we move forward , let me inform readers that this website is rip-off website. If you ever pay a the registration fee for this website, they will never provide you with any reply and you will never receive any type of refund or withdrawal.

Website Link:

I am sharing this site for the sake of making you aware individuals. Please ensure that you to stay clear of this type of website. If you would like to go to this website, I’ve also shared the URL of this site however I would like to ask you to do not register or pay any fee for registration on this website.

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  1. Pankaj bhai mujhe mobile phone me typing job , data entry job , etc aise job chahiye jaha roz ki thora earning hojaye … aap jald se authentic and genuine video banaye ispe

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