RojgaarBharat Website Review – Real or Fake?

So, dear readers, This review is written on behalf of a lot of my viewers and subscribers on my channel on YouTube. They are in the process of telling me to write an opinion about the website, as this website has become very well-known on the web.

The RojgaarBharat website states that it is an official Government of India website whereby promotes the digital India program, this website offers students with jobs in data entry who can type at their homes.

RojgaarBharat Website Review?

Rojgar Bharat is an excellent opportunity for those seeking a job. The website claims it is the official website of the Government of India. Additionally, they offer plans that you can buy to earn money.

On the website of this man, some people look foolish by charging 300 rupees, 600 rupees, and 3000 rupees in exchange for giving the impression that this site can aid students by offering the students with typing help. This is just a joke that these websites are doing.

The website also claims that it’s a 3-year-old. However, let me say that I recently checked the domain name and found the information that this website is just three months old.

You should be aware of these fake websites, and share these posts with a lot of people so that they are informed and avoid paying one dollar to a site such as this, which claims they are government-owned websites and that they are offering new jobs.


I am sure this review will assist many people since this review is one that my son distributes. I assure you this is a fake site or do not waste your time and money on websites like this. Be conscious.

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