Rupee4click website Honest Review – Real or Fake?

Rupee4Click says it provides an possibility to earn money from home, including answering captchasand data entry, social media posts and many more. Certain actions mentioned including downloading software may be a hint the possibility that Rupee4Click could be a click-based farm on the internet.

It’s a website that makes cash that is available daily through the completion of tasks like watching ads or filling out surveys and even referring. Customers can earn money and also receive the sign-up bonus of Rs 500.

There are many questions regarding the website. In this article I’ll tell you what What exactly is Rupee4click what is it? how can install it, and how to download Rupee4click site, as well whether genuine or counterfeit.

What exactly is this website? Rupee4click website?

Rupee4Click is a mobile – and web-based mobile CPR advertisement network that gives Android as and iOS mobile apps and content lockers and media buyers. Publishers can make use of the banners we offer in addition to native advertisements interstitials, pop-unders, and pop-ups that lock content, and other tools specifically designed to earn money through their websites and desktop visitors.

The minimum threshold for withdrawal is the highest amount that a user can withdraw is. The user must earn at minimum the equivalent of 450 views on their website (worth less than Rs10 each) and also invite at least 45 people to sign up (worth 100 rupees per) or accomplish at minimum 18 of the tasks (worth approximately 250 rupees) before they are allowed to withdraw.

The website displays the account of “Priya Mishra” who claims to be the director in charge of Marketing for India and Indonesia. The account appears to fake. The picture that is displayed is altered and made up of two images. These same images may be used by other websites such as Money4Click and VanidoClick which may be frauds.

Website Link: Rupee4Click

The information on the contact list appears to be fake. The email addresses aren’t working because these addresses appear be fake and the company’s details hasn’t produced any results. Rupee4Click’s rating is “poor” on TrustPilot and some customers have complained that they did not receive their payments.

It is suggested to stay clear of joining Rupee4Click as it is not an authentic platform. Even if it’s legitimate, there are actions that are on the site that constitute click fraud and therefore illegal.

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