Task Teen Website Review Real Or Scam

Hello, I am Pankaj Kumar in my latest blog post. Today I will give you an exhaustive review of the Task-Teen website to help you decide whether it is real or fake. Let’s get started.

What is Task Teen Website?

Task-Teen is a site where you are given the job of filling out a resume. If you sign up to this site, you will be provided with each day 30 to 35 resumes with information from every customer. You must fill out an application.

When a resume is filled out the site earns Rs.60. It is therefore an entry point for resumes or data entry or form filling sites.

Does that the Task Teen website real?

If I inform you based on my investigation, the site was not what I expected to see everywhere. There are numerous reasons for this and I’ll go over them in order.

The first thing to note is that the FAQ section of the site states that the website is an India Based website. If you go to for servers on this site, you’ll find a US Server, which means that we’re being kissed.

The site does not include a contact page, nor does it have chaat support or the number to contact. If any user experiences an issue, he stated that to contact. This is why I found the information incorrect. This indicates that this site is a Scam

This website doesn’t have the option to withdraw money following the completion of work. Also, you don’t know what the minimum withdrawal amount on this site has. You just have to keep working, because you’re not aware of the amount. bravo!

In addition who is the proprietor of this site? The website states “Bani hai, who has created contact information” does not have any knowledge. This is a clear indication that this website is well-equipped.


In closing, I want to inform you that this site is a complete Scam since I have seen a lot of YouTuber comments on Google. I read negative reviews of the website all over the internet. This website hasn’t yet paid anyone. This is a clear indication that it’s a complete scam website, so don’t attempt to fix it.

Please let me know what you think of this blog post. If you’d like to an opinion on a different website Tell me via the cannet. I’ll do my best to find the correct details for you. Thank you.

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