Avatar 2 Social Media Review: मगर इस कारण उठी बॉयकॉट करने की मांग

Avatar: The Way of Water', made in the production company of Lightstorm Entertainment, is very much liked by the audience

From the screenplay to the acting of the characters and stars have touched the hearts of the audience

A user said that the theme of 'Avatar 2' is the same, but this time with a more touching storyline. Another user said, 'The film is an epic masterpiece. Technically and plot wise it is a better film

Quatrich is back for revenge, can Sully save his family? The water sequences were extraordinary

The climax was also very emotional. Book 3D tickets for the biggest screen. The Neytiri fight sequence set the stage on fire.

Many Indians liked 'Avatar 2' and many people have demanded to boycott it. The star cast of the film has been lashed out

The main reason for this is animal abuse. On Instagram, a user demanded to boycott  the film

Similarly, other users also did not understand this and demanded not to watch  the film

"I am so disappointed to see that your press tour included a dolphin show where captive dolphins were fed and performed for the entertainment of the crowd," said one user on Instagram

It is not fair because you used the dolphin show to promote your film. Shame on you guys. This clearly shows that you do not practice what you speak