Pushpa The Rise Songs Record: Srivalli, Sami,  O O Ontawa get  5 billion views

Pushpa The Rise, starring Allu Arjun, was one of the top movies of 2022

 In addition to shattering box office records, the movie also became quite well-known thanks to its catchy songs and  dance moves

Pushpa The Rise has recently added a brand-new album to his resume. The film songs by Rashmika Mandanna and Allu Arjun have reached 5 billion views for the first time in India

The crowd actually showed a lot of appreciation for the movie's soundtrack

 In every language, people liked the songs. These tunes continued to be played loudly at parties, clubs, hotels, and college campuses

Devi Sri Prasad was the composer of these tunes. Songs like Shrivalli, Sami-Sami, and O O Ontava have emerged as the biggest party anthems

Numerous reels based on the songs have also been produced concurrently. As a result, as soon as they were released, these songs topped the music charts

The crowd also enjoyed the song Ae Bitta, Yeh Mera Adda from the movie

Allu Arjun's killer swag is seen in this song. Many people also made an Instagram reel on it, which has also got views of millions.