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The majority of review sites rank companies and products based on the amount of reviews that are received. Premium Listing permits products to be listed at the top of the page. There is a cost per Click, based on how high you would like to be ranked and the amount of competition within the Software category.

I’ve utilized Business Software Review Services like Capterra, SoftwareSuggest, and G2Crowd to bring traffic and leads towards Top of the Funnel.

My encounter with a highly ranked company on Capterra and Capterra makes me believe that the vendors can influence reviews that are published. Capterra will make you believe that they are objective and even Google appears to believe that way based on their ranking, however, the head of a company that I worked with stated that they have to pay “a lot of money” to be ranked number 1 on Capterra.

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What is Capterra?

I’m sure capterra provides a solid platform for niche software. Since capterra has affiliate programs for all of these products and your commissions may be lower as capterra will take a portion. Try contacting the product you’ve chosen directly to determine what commissions are charged. I hope I’ve addressed your questions all of your questions. If you have additional questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

It’s not a scam. I made use of the capterra review to make $50 for an Amazon gift card within one month. It’s not a problem in processing them quickly and pay easy to withdraw. There are 3 other choices to cash your prize. Starbucks, iTunes card direct deposit to Visa card and Amazon gift card.

Website Link: capterra.com

If you believe that incentivized reviews to be a reliable source for information, then you are right they are. However, while some incentive-based reviews might be trustworthy, however, certain “reviewers” make a living from providing reviews in exchange for a commission.

My Honest Review

I’m not certain what others have reported However, mine has proven to be more positive. I’m not sure of the exact amount however, I’ve written about 22, 24, or even more reviews on Capterra I’ve also had 18-19 gift cards promised.

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