WinTube website Honest Review? Legit or Scam

WinTube is one of the largest and most well-known site on the internet for earning money from watching videos in the everyday routine online. Earn cash while you view exciting videos. After that, you’ll be able to get cash via Paypal, WebMoney, Bitcoin and many other options. Wintub has already paid to its customers. Cash in your bank. Join today to get a free membership. “

I am very doubtful of the system to pay the commissions offered by wintub. It’s focused on high-value rewards for small objects.

What exactly is WinTube site?

Wintub can be described as an online service which promises to pay its users to view videos. Members are able to sign up for free and get videos to watch. They also have an affiliate program where you’ll earn a percentage of each new customer you introduce. A search of domain names on their site discovered that the domain name was first registered on 12th of March , 2020. The information about the registry’s address, name or address since it is secured for reasons of privacy. The website is extremely lacking in details and doesn’t include any information about the limits on payouts or referrer requirements that are obligatory.

Wintub has no social media presence on social media. There is no contact information other than an email address. Based on the information available there is a possibility that Wintub is a fraud. Although the website claims that they’ve received payments However, the customers do not believe the claim. There is no contact info or email address listed, and the one which is listed is not correct. It’s possible that the owner of the site earns money through watching other users view the videos, and then placing ads on the website. There’s no indication that Wintub is reliable.

It is highly doubtful Wintub actually is paying. Maybe they only have few customers to show their website’s authenticity. There is no chance to earn any money or gain any rewards through this site. We read a variety of reviews online and were shocked to find numerous complaints about these websites. After examining a variety of apps and games, I’m aware of the things they are doing. Based on the available data it is possible to be conclusively determined to conclude that Wintub is a fraud. However, it’s not definitively proved.

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Is Wintub Scam or Legit?

Scam. A huge fraud. I was making $1.2 dollars a day, watching five videos. In the course of two months or more I had earned $56. (You must have at least 80 dollars to withdraw funds with PayPal). A few days ago, when I signed into Wintub my earnings were dramatically diminished. At the end of the day I only received $0.03 instead of $1.2 dollars I earned each day.

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